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Character Information

Ereki's Rave Cannon appearance.

Japanese: 慧暦 / エレキ (Ereki)
Full name: 神埼慧暦 (Ereki Kanzaki)
Age: 22 (at work), ? (at home)
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Tokyo
Likes: Rock, metal, soft serve, photography
Introduced in: IIDX 6th Style
Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama

Character Backstory

ROOTS26S [suite]

The second son of the Kanzaki family, Ereki was raised strictly from an early age in the dojo with his older brother Shilow and adoptive sister Saya. He left home before he turned 18 in order to bring Shilow back to the family, but never returned, and instead now lives together with him. As a result of leaving early, he was unable to learn the secret martial arts taught to Kanzaki family members over 18 years old. He does not know the true face of the Kanzaki or of the secret martial arts techniques. Shilow protects him in secret and doesn't tell him about the true nature of the Kanzaki family, so that his brother can live a normal life and to prevent him from becoming the next heir of the family. Shem, who is aware of Ereki and Shilow's situation, hired Ereki to work part-time as a bartender at a café he runs. He has a hobby of photography.

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