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It is known that KONAMI often leaves unused data on their games. Sometimes, that data contains graphics, charts, and even song cuts of unused licensed and KONAMI original songs. This page will list every known song that has been scrapped at some point on arcade and console BEMANI games.

This page does NOT include any of the following information:

  • Unused songs that were later included in a later release of the same series (e.g. the CS songs in beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro that were later put in SPADA). For more information, see Later Appearing Songs.
  • Songs that were planned to be crossed over to a game but never appeared in a final release. For more information, see What Could Have Been.
  • Rejected FLOOR contest songs.

This page is under HEAVY construction. If you're going to add any songs here, please post proof on the Talk Page first.


beatmania 5thMIX -Time to get down-

    • Text references to this song and SKIN can be found on the beatmania 5thMIX data. Its placeholder genre is TECHNO [1].

beatmania ClubMIX

    • Seen in a flyer for the game. Its genre is BIG BEAT.

beatmania 7thMIX keepin' evolution

beatmania IIDX

beatmania IIDX 3rd style

The unused graphic data for the Tomoyuki Uchida song.
  • Unnamed Tomoyuki Uchida song
    • Unused graphic data exists for a song by Tomoyuki Uchida on the game disc. Its genre would have been FUSION, and may have been an early version of Ride on the Light (the genre for RIDE ON THE LIGHT (HI GREAT MIX) is POWER FUSION). At this point in time Tomoyuki was working as a sound data analyzer for various BEMANI titles (including 3rd style), and would not make his first musical contribution to the BEMANI series until KEYBOARDMANIA 2ndMIX a little over 7 months later.

beatmania IIDX 9th style

  • Unnamed Dr.LOVE remix / Ryu☆
    • According to Ryu☆ on his twitter, he submitted a remix of Dr.LOVE for 9th style, which was fully completed, but it was scrapped for his remix of Abyss instead. Apparently the finished Dr.LOVE remix is still in the beatmania IIDX "warehouse" to this day.

beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem

Keith's title card.
  • Keith / DJ YOSHITAKA
    • The song title card for this song is present in the beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem and 19 Lincle datas. It's speculated that is an early version of FLOWER as it shares the same genre.
  • Two Rainbow / Tatsh
    • This song originally was written for beatmania IIDX, as noted by Tatsh on his blog, but KONAMI (who he only refers to as a "certain music production company") rejected it. The song was later retooled into an iDOLM@STER image song for Miki Hoshii and became Day of the future, which went on to appear on the THE IDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST 2 -FIRST SEASON- 03 Hoshii Miki album and later appeared as an insert song in Episode 13 of THE iDOLM@STER anime.

beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle

gloom's title card.
  • gloom / 猫叉Master
    • A title card for this song is present in the beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle data. Its genre is WORLD ELECTRONICA, and it is speculated to have been an early version of portal.

beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER



    • One of the songs only available at the DanceDanceRevolution location tests, along with BOYS. Unlike BOYS, MONEY never appeared again, though its data can still be found unused in the final game, as well as in its Internet Ranking Version; its music tracks are also intact in early versions of the original game. Since MAKE IT BETTER shares many musical similarities with MONEY, it has been speculated that it was composed as a replacement for it.

DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX

    • On the DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX location tests, I'M THE ONE was the second STEP BATTLE song. It was replaced by LET THEM MOVE on the final release [3].
      • The internal code for LET THEM MOVE is "imth", strongly suggesting (but not proving) that it's the same song.
      • The ending from DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX, titled ENDING ~GIVE ME A REASON~, has vocals samples that could have been part of I'M THE ONE. These samples could have been re-used just for this piece, or ENDING ~GIVE ME A REASON~ might be a short version of I'M THE ONE.

DanceDanceRevolution Solo 2000

    • Only the music preview for this song from Dancemania BASS #5 can be found on the Solo 2000 data [4].

DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX

    • While this song's graphics and charts can be found in the Dancing Stage EuroMIX data, many pieces of evidence hint BEATS LIKE THIS was planned to be included in DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX instead; PARANOiA Rebirth's Single DIFFICULT and Single EXPERT charts reference BEATS LIKE THIS' respective charts, and its chart file is listed alongside other ones from 3rdMIX in DanceDanceRevolution Karaoke MIX 2nd's data.
    • This song was available during the DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX location tests, but was later removed. Its graphics, charts and lyrics can still be found unused in the final game.

Dancing Stage featuring TRUE KiSS DESTiNATiON

  • PURE MIND (original version) / TRUE KiSS DESTiNATiON
    • Music data for the original version of PURE MIND can be found on the disc for Dancing Stage featuring TRUE KiSS DESTiNATiON.

Dancing Stage featuring DREAMS COME TRUE

  • Eyes to me / DREAMS COME TRUE
    • Background animation data for these two songs can be found in the game's data, the latter also including lyrics [5]. In addition, a set of charts that could be of TORIDGE & LISBAH can be found unused in Dancing Stage featuring DREAMS COME TRUE as well [6].

Dancing Stage featuring Disney's RAVE

  • How Gee / (Black Machine)
    • Complete data for this song can be found in the Dancing Stage featuring Disney's RAVE data.
  • Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! / (Vengaboys)
  • New York City Boy / (New York Rappers)
  • Night Fever / (Bee Gees)
    • These three songs, which are all featured on the Tokyo Disneyland: Club Disney Super Dancin' Mania -Mega Beat- album, have text references and their banners in the Dancing Stage featuring Disney's RAVE data. They also have placeholder charts. [7].

DanceDanceRevolution 4thMIX PLUS

    • Graphics and charts for both songs are present on the 4thMIX PLUS data.

DanceDanceRevolution 5thMIX

  • IF YOU WERE HERE (long version) / JENNIFER
    • According to IGN (link), there was a long version of IF YOU WERE HERE present in an early version of the game at the AOU Show (now JAEPO) 2001.

DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution 7thMIX-

  • thep / ???
    • This ID, which does not match any of the songs in the final release, is listed alongside the DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution 7thMIX- licenses in the master song list from DDRMAX -DanceDanceRevolution-. This entry was later removed from future master song lists.

DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-

  • Stayin' Alive / N-Trance
    • Gameplay of this song can be seen in the DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution- promotional trailer.

DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME CS (North America)

  • Loco Motion / Kylie Minogue
  • Ride On Time / Black Box
  • The Boys of Summer / DJ Sammy
  • The Humpty Dance / Digital Underground
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other EXTREME CS (America) licenses [8].

DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX

  • get the party started / P!NK
    • Graphics for these two songs can be found in the DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX data. The banner for get the party started also appeared in DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX2's website.

DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX2

  • Crazy In Love / Beyoncé
  • In My Dreams / Noemi
    • Banners for these songs could be seen in DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX2's website.

DDR FESTIVAL -DanceDanceRevolution-

  • SHAKE / (SMAP)
    • This song is listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other FESTIVAL licensed covers [9].

DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME2

  • Lose My Breath / (Destiny's Child)
    • This song is listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other EXTREME2 songs [10]. The ID "lose" is referenced in a prototype version of EXTREME2 dated May 10th, 2005.

DanceDanceRevolution STR!KE

  • banzai / MISA
  • Bring Me To Life(Radio Edit) / ROCHELLE
  • Stuck / Stacie Orrico
  • Volare / CAPTAIN JACK
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other STR!KE songs [11].

DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA

La Bamba's unused banner.
  • La Bamba / Baha Men
  • VOLARE -radio mix- / CAPTAIN JACK
    • Both songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other SuperNOVA songs [12]. Of them, La Bamba has its banner unused in the data, which was recycled for a different cover of La Bamba in the same game.

DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA CS (North America)

  • Yo (Excuse Me Miss) / Chris Brown
  • Beautiful Loved And Blessed / Támar feat. Prince
  • Breaking Free / Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Drew Seeley
  • City Of Blinding Lights / U2
  • Check On It / Beyoncé
  • Dare / Gorillaz
  • DISCO CLUB / ???
  • Galvinize / The Chemical Brothers
  • Get Together / Madonna
  • Mama Said Knock You Out / LL Cool J
  • One Word (Chris Cox Radio Mix) / Kelly Osbourne
  • Prince / ???
  • So Sick / Ne-Yo
  • Sorry / Madonna
  • SOS / Rihanna
  • Such Great Heights / The Postal Service
  • WHY(RADIO EDIT) / 3T feat. Michael Jackson
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other SuperNOVA CS (America) songs [14].

DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 CS (North America)

  • Back to Life / Soul II Soul
  • Come Back to Me(Single Version) / Vanessa Hudgens
  • Give Me A Reason / The Corrs
  • Hooked (feat. Dom and Roland)-Tech itch and Dieselboy Remix / Gridlok
  • Prologue(Carl Cox & Paul Van Dyke Mix) / Tenth Chapter
  • Suburban Train / DJ Tiësto
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other SuperNOVA2 CS (America) songs [15].

DanceDanceRevolution Disney Channel EDITION

  • All good now / Cow Belles
  • Girl Power (Remix) / The Cheetah Girls
  • I will be around / Read it and Weep
  • Make a wish / Stuck in the Suburbs
  • Strange World / Halloweentown High
  • Strut / The Cheetah Girls
    • Unused data for these songs can be found on the Disney Channel EDITION data. Unlike the rest of the licenses in the game, the audio for the unused songs are the original versions of their respective songs, not covers.

ダンスダンスレボリューション フルフル♪パーティー

  • Travelling / SUGIURUMN
    • This song is listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other フルフル♪パーティー songs [16].

DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE3

  • All The Small Things / Steve Ouimette Studios
  • Dirty Little Secret / Steve Ouimette Studios
  • Don't You (Forget About Me) / Wavegroup
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic / Wavegroup
  • Twist & Shout / Wavegroup
    • Unused jackets for these five songs are present in the DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE3 data. Additionally, they all have complete data within a prototype of DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE3 dated August 21st, 2008.
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger / Daft Punk
  • It Takes Two / Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
  • Shake Your Groove Thing / Peaches & Herb
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / Eurythmics
  • Tainted Love / Soft Cell
    • These five songs are listed on the back of the game case, however, they are not found anywhere in-game. KONAMI eventually apologized for this mistake in the official DanceDanceRevolution fan community website [17].

熱舞革命宇宙3 中文曲特别版

  • Guang Yu Ying / Kenny Kwan
  • You Tian Wu Cun Luo Xue / Don & Mandy
    • Both of these songs are listed in the game's credits, though no other data remains.

DanceDanceRevolution Disney Grooves

  • Arabian Nights / Vocals by David Yoder. Arranged by in-house BEMANI artist.
  • Be Our Guest / Vocals by Krystal Buckley. Arranged by Tino Saiki.
  • Dance with Mickey / Vocals by Crystal Poloa. Background vocals by Crystal Poloa, Jake Bowen, Tino Saiki, Jewelya Lees, chuck e. myers, Ryann Myers, Christian Myers, Eric Myers. Arranged by Tino Saiki.
  • I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) / Vocals by Angie Lee. Arranged by Walt Gaisford.
  • Kiss the Girl / Vocals by Kyle Khou. Background vocals by Jeanette Herrera. Arranged by in-house BEMANI artist.
  • One Jump Ahead / Vocals by Matt Tucker. Background vocals by Ryan Gardner, Angie Lee. Arranged by Tino Saiki.
  • Under the Sea / Vocals by Meagan Rudd. Arranged by in-house BEMANI artist.
  • Zero To Hero / Vocals by Nolanda Smauldon. Arranged by Walt Gaisford.
  • A Whole New World / Vocals by Daniel. Arranged by Darwin, produced by DJ Silver.
    • This song was completed but due to licensing issues, it was not included in the final product.

DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY3 / DanceDanceRevolution X2 CS

  • Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) / The Prodigy
    • The cover of the album Their Law: The Singles 1990–2005 appeared on a trailer for KONAMI's 2009 E3 presentation.
  • Imagination / ???
  • Infinity 2008 / Guru Josh Project
  • Graviton / ???
  • No Stress / Laurent Wolf
  • One Step At A Time (Nevins Radio Mix) / Jordin Sparks
  • SILVER☆DREAM (Twinkle Mix) / jun
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other HOTTEST PARTY3 and X2 CS songs [18].

DanceDanceRevolution DANCE WARS

  • Aphrodisiac / Jin Akanishi
  • Bangduck / AFROJACK
  • Can't Stop Me / AFROJACK
  • Louder / DJ Fresh
  • Take Over Control / AfroJack feat. Eva Simons
    • These songs were reported as being licensed by The Royalty Network for DanceDanceRevolution DANCE WARS [19].

Dancing Stage EuroMIX2

  • What Can I Say To You / HI-FIVE
    • These four songs have graphics and charts unused in Dancing Stage EuroMIX2's data.
  • Oops! I Did It Again / Britney Spears
  • Stronger / Britney Spears
  • THE THINGS THAT U DO(Hula Radio mix) / DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other EuroMIX2 songs [20].

Dancing Stage PARTY EDiTiON

  • ADDICTED TO BASS / Josh Abrahams and Amiel Daemion
  • Disco 2000 / Pulp
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other PARTY EDiTiON songs [21]. ADDICTED TO BASS has text references, a matching CD, and charts, suggesting it was going to be the sixth license replacing a removed KONAMI original song. Disco 2000 was likely scrapped in early development.

Dancing Stage MegaMiX

  • I Would Die 4 U / Prince
  • It Takes More / Ms. Dynamite
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other MegaMiX songs [22].

Dancing Stage Fever (PlayStation) / Dancing Stage Fever (PlayStation 2)

Groove is in the Heart's unused banner from DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX.
  • 20-20 Vision / Ronnie Milsap
    • This song is listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other songs from Dancing Stage Fever and DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution- [23].
  • Don't Call Me Baby / Madison Avenue
  • Jump Around / House of Pain
    • These two songs still have preview audio data in the PlayStation 2 release of the game.
  • Groove is in the Heart / Deee-Lite
    • The background of this song appears in a screenshot on the back cover of the game's box. Additionally, graphics for this song can be found in the DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX data.

Dancing Stage Fusion CS (PlayStation 2)

  • In Da Club / 50 Cent
  • Let Me Entertain You / Robbie Williams
  • Over N Out / ???
  • Relax / Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • Viva espana / ???
    • These songs are listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other Fusion songs [24].

Dancing Stage SuperNOVA CS

  • God is a DJ / Faithless
    • This song is listed on the DanceDanceRevolution master song list among other SuperNOVA CS songs [25].

DanceDanceRevolution ULTIMATE MOBILE

  • Amazing / Official髭男dism
  • Remember Me / MAN WITH A MISSION
  • STAND-ALONE / Aimer
  • モス / サカナクション
  • 馬と鹿 / 米津玄師
    • All of these songs first appeared on the Tokyo Game Show 2019 location test of DanceDanceRevolution ULTIMATE MOBILE, alongside 令和. While that song would later be added to DanceDanceRevolution A20, these five songs were ultimately scrapped upon the game's cancellation.


  • We Will Rock You / クイーン
  • 君の瞳に恋してる / ボーイズタウンギャング
    • Early graphics for both of these songs exists in the data. The artists are listed for them as well, even though the final game doesn't list artists at all.[26]
  • マイムマイム (TRANCE EDITION) / (Israeli folk song)
    • Present at the 2005 AOU Show, but was cut before the fourth location test of DANCE 86.4. Graphics still exist for it in the final release.[27]

Dance Maniax

Dance Freaks

  • DOC와 춤을.... / DJ DOC
    • Graphic and chart data for this song can be found on the Dance Freaks data. The audio is absent, though.
  • Twist King / TURBO
    • Single charts for this song can be found within the Dance Freaks data. Strangely, the tempo values are much lower than the song's actual BPM.

Dance Maniax 2ndMIX

    • An artist string for this song can be found within the Dance Maniax 2ndMIX data.
  • PARANOiA jazzy groove / ???
    • This song appears as part of the Non Stop Mix Special 2 medley in the final game. However, data for PARANOiA jazzy groove as a standalone song can be found in the game. The audio for the song, while present, is around one minute long, and it ends with a Japanese vocal sample that roughly translates to "More to come after the commercial". It also has its own preview clip, and an artist string that was likely planned for this song, 200-10 [28].

GuitarFreaks & DrumMania

drummania 2ndMIX

  • 歯痛いGIRL / ???
    • Placeholder graphical data for this song can be found in drummania 2ndMIX.
  • Make you happy -I think about you- / Eli & friends


  • BASKET CASE / (Green Day)
  • LAYLA / (Derek & The Dominos)
  • LONELY HEART / (Yes)
    • Graphics for these scrapped licenses can be found in the GUITARFREAKS 3rdMIX data.



  • Crying Over You / Soavé
    • This song was reported as being licensed by The Royalty Network for jukebeat [29].



ONE NIGHT IN ARABIA LONG Ver.'s title card.
    • A graphic for this song can be found among the gameplay interface assets. Whereas a short version of this same song made it to the final game, no long version songs ever appeared in the ParaParaParadise series.


Candy's unused graphic.
  • Candy / H.O.T
    • A graphic for this song can be found among the gameplay interface assets.

pop'n music

pop'n music MICKEY TUNES

The screenshot in question.
  • サークル・オブ・ライフ / (Carmen Twillie)
    • Referenced in a mockup screenshot found within the pop'n music MICKEY TUNES! data.

pop'n music アニメロ2号

The BOWLING MODE mockup screenshot. Note that uses タイガーマスク's graphics otherwise.
  • コン・バトラーVのテーマ / 水木一郎
    • The lyrics for this song can be found in a mockup screenshot present in the BOWLING MODE interface assets.

pop'n music 11

  • Eros / 新堂敦士
    • The final Atsushi Shindo song planned to be included in pop'n music. Eros' background could be found unused in the arcade releases of pop'n music, and text references to its title and artist could be found in pop'n music Sunny Park.

pop'n music (Wii) / pop'n rhythm

  • Waiting For Tonight / (3rd Party)
    • This song was listed alongside other Beginner category songs in the pop'n rhythm trailer, but wasn't included in the final release. Complete data for the song can still be found in pop'n music (Wii).

pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝

  • LOVEずっきゅん / 相対性理論
    • A licensed song that was planned to be included in pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝. Only a dummy character portrait remains in the final data of the game, and was removed from later titles.
    • Another song by 相対性理論, ミス・パラレルワールド, was used in the next arcade release. Curiously, the staff comments in ミス・パラレルワールド's page reference LOVEずっきゅん.


  • LIFE LIFE LOUD / Hawk Nelson
  • Clap Your Hands / They Might Be Giants
  • Can't Beat The Feeling / Kylie Minogue
  • California Gurls / Katy Perry Ft. Snoop Dogg
    • According to BEMANIWiki 2nd, the jackets for these songs can be seen in the pop'n music character illustration book AC18せんごく列伝, AC19 TUNE STREET, HELLO! POP'N MUSIC, portable, portable2, Wii ポップン, うたっち.

pop'n music Sunny Park

  • ryu☆オリジナル / ???
  • パワーオブネイチャー(仮 / ???
    • These songs were referenced on early builds of pop'n music Sunny Park. Very little information is known about them, other than they were songs by Ryu☆ (who did not have a single original song in the game) and Power Of Nature, respectively.
    • パワーオブネイチャー(仮 was apparently a jazz song, as its filename was "ponjazz", used Emilio as its character, and Reaching for the Stars' background. Speculated to be 霖が哭く or an early version of it.
  • 脇田デフォロクブテ / ???
    • Found in the master song list of early pop'n music Sunny Park builds. From the title, it was supposed to be a default song by Jun Wakita in the venue of ロクブテ. The ID was later taken by another Jun Wakita song, うた.
  • MASS YOSHITAKA 新曲 / ???
    • A collaboration song between DJ Mass MAD Izm* and DJ YOSHITAKA. However, it never left its dummy data state, and its slot was replaced by Zirkfied. The dummy data for it still remains on the arcade titles to this day, although it could be briefly played by mistake on Korean Sunny Park cabinets without the September 9th, 2013 update [30].

pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢

  • 前前前世 / RADWIMPS
    • A licensed song used as the main theme of the Kimi no na wa. (君の名は。, also known as Your name) movie has a blank jacket in the pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 data.





  • 幻想即興曲 / (Chopin)
    • The very first ID in the song list for the original Toy'sMarch is named after Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. posth. 66. In the final game, only one song is under the "Classical" (クラシック) genre, and this song did not appear in the sequel either. This ID was renamed in Toy'sMarch2 to Toy'sMarch2Dummy.


Moon shadow's jacket.


A cancelled BEMANI series that had location tests back in 2018, its songlist revolved around mainly remixes of anime opening/ending themes. While most of the remixes have seen appeared in other BEMANI projects (most notably jubeat festo and SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE), the following songs are still not in any BEMANI series:

  • ガヴリールドロップキック (Heaven 的 Hell ドロップ ごちゃまぜデンパ Style Remix) / 虹咲ミナ
  • POP TEAM EPIC (Energize Remix) / 虹桜リズ
  • 彩響DJ完全マスター教材 最初はここから! / 製作委員会
    • This song was also used as the tutorial song.
  • ユニバーページ (y0c1e Remix) / y0c1e
    • Unlike the rest of these songs, these songs are licenses, not commissioned/in-house arrangements.