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pop'n music arcade releases
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19 TUNE STREET - 20 fantasia - Sunny Park - ラピストリア - éclale
うさぎと猫と少年の夢 - peace
アニメロ - アニメロ2号 - MICKEY TUNES

pop'n music 3

Release Information

  • Release date: September 17th, 1999

General Information / Changes

  • New announcer replaces the one from the first two games. This announcer would be used through pop'n music 9.
  • First pop'n music arcade game with HYPER charts. None of the new AC songs have them, though.
  • First pop'n music game to keep track of your note combo.
  • First pop'n music game with courses, which are only available to play in Hyper mode.
  • Last pop'n music arcade version to run on BEMANI DJ-MAIN HARDWARE arcade system.
  • Last pop'n music arcade version to thank the lead character designer of the game (INUCHIYO, in this case) on the title screen.
  • The soundtrack for pop'n music 3 is the last one to combine both the arcade and the later CS songs from its PlayStation / Dreamcast counterpart on the same CD.
  • The songs Bit of Love, LET ME FEEL SO HIGH, and ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE were not included on the pop'n music 3 OST due to licensing issues.
  • Tsugumi Kataoka (Parquets, Butapunch), Atsushi Shindo, and Q-Mex make their debut in the series.
  • Cherry & Raquel and SAYONARA are now SECOND STAGE songs.
  • Total number of songs: 48

Staff Information

Game Modes

  • Beginner
  • Normal
  • Excite
  • Party
  • Hyper (new mode)

Non-Rival Playable Characters

These characters don't belong to any specific song.

Full Song List

New Songs

Genre Genre (Japanese) Song title Artist Character
Normal Hyper?
First Stage
from pop'n music 2 CS
ニューウェーブ Don't Disturb Color Essence AYA [3-11P] 7 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
アーバンポップ Prism Heart Sana AYA [3-7P] 8 H
MAGICAL GIRL マジカルガール 恋のシャレード パーキッツ Megumi 9 -
G-POP ギターポップ Take me to... Sana RIE♥chan [3] 10 -
KANGTONG カントン 和你一起走 Cathy Lau LingLing 12 -
EURODANCE ユーロダンス Bit of Love Super Wink "fut" Ryo Arche Asakawa Dia 13 -
Second Stage
from pop'n music 2 CS
キュート 取り返してやる!~Again,My Lovely Day~ Akko's AYA [3-14P] 5 H
CELT ケルト 水中家族のテーマ パーキッツ Poet [3] 11 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
キャンディポップ Give me your pain Haya-P & Maru AYA [3-6P] 13 -
MONDO モンド Little Robin's Drawer Uncle Motchee Cyber [3] 13 -
HEARTFUL ハートフル peppermint ASAI PROJECT (Vo:M.Fujino) Candy 14 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
ニューフォーク 走れブン!ブン! わがまま7 AYA [3-8P] 15 -
PUNK パンク LET ME FEEL SO HIGH Little Bitch.K2 Donna [3] 16 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
クラシック2 R.C. Waldeus von Dövjak AYA [3-10P] 18 H
Final Stage
from pop'n music 2 CS
ライブ Theme of staff roll ~special mix~ きまぐれポッパーズ AYA [3-17P] 11 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
アキバ E.C.M. PAPEHINA meets Haya-P SHOLLKEE [3] 12 -
J-R&B2 J-リズム&ブルース2 愛を探そう Ma-You tourmaline [3] 13 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
ファニー PULSE 319 AYA [3-12P] 14 -
DANCEPOP ダンスポップ TILL THE END OF TIME Julianne&Edison Rave girl [3] 16 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
カリブ 麗しのカーディガン Akko's AYA [3-9P] 16 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
J-ガラージポップ Miracle Moon(お月さまが中継局) Togo Project featuring Sana AYA [3-13P] 17 -
NEW-COMMER ニューカマー un-Balance 佐藤千晶 Kate 18 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
セクシーガールズ 淋しくてLoneliness ワンダース AYA [3-5P] 21 H
SOUNDTRACK サウンドトラック 宇宙船Q-Mex Q-Mex P-1&P-2 [3] 21 -
from pop'n music 2 CS
アバンギャルド Bee's Eye Waldeus von Dövjak AYA [3-16P] 23 H
POWERFOLK パワーフォーク なんか変だ 新堂敦士 Ash [3] 23 -
Final Stage Hidden Songs
LOVELY ラブリー 8月のサヨナラ aprésmidi SANAE♥chan [3] 15 -
JUNGLE ジャングル LA LA LA edison Bamboo? 23 -

Removed Songs

The following songs from pop'n music 2 have been removed, all of them from pop'n music:

Song Title Genre
Baby, I'm yours REGGAE
Electronic Fill TECHNO POP
e-motion RAVE
El Pais del sol LATIN
monde des songe FANTASY
what i want DISCO QUEEN


Due to limited space in the early pop'n music games, similar to pop'n music 2, none of the original backgrounds or sprites from the first two games are re-used in this game, although some of songs from 1 (and all from 2) are in this one. Characters from pop'n music with no match-ups to pop'n 3 characters are replaced by SHOLLKEE, and pop'n music 2 characters who don't have match-ups with pop'n music 3 characters are replaced by ice, who made his debut in this game. Additionally, all pop'n music CS and pop'n music 2 CS songs (except AKIBA) are represented exclusively by AYA, who comes in various colors for each song and made her debut in this game.

Rejected designs

The Pop'n Music series has a long history of rejected characters. Some never saw the light of day, and some would later be used many years or mixes later. Character descriptions are taken from the official pop'n music 3 Botsu page. For the third game, these include

  • Palette, a squirrel girl in the same clothing LingLing wears. Replaced by her.
  • Maron, a quirky schoolgirl.
  • Johne, a dog(?) wearing a purple jacket, green shorts, and grey shoes. Possibly the inspiration of Kobe for pop'n music 4 CS.
  • Miki, a little, green-haired girl with two plushies to the left and right of her; the former looking like PRETTY, and the other a blue cat. Drawn up by p-cat for MAGICAL GIRL, but was replaced by Megumi. According to staff comments on the Botsu page, she's much more active than her.
  • Yuka, who looks much like Megumi from pop'n music 3 but taller and has her hair in two long ponytails. She was created at roughly the same time as Megumi, but was dumped at the end for her.
  • Kaede, a tall, fashionable-looking girl.
  • Tina, a girl with brown hair originally designed for the song NEWCOMER. She was replaced by Kate, though the staff seemed to favor her over Kate.
  • Tom, a spaceman, or possibly a robot. Originally made for the song MONDO under request of Hiroshi Takeyasu for a "space man" character, but was replaced by Cyber.
  • Jhony, a cowboy with a hat that covers his eyes and a clover in his teeth. Originally made for SOUNDTRACK oddly enough, but was replaced by P-1&P-2.
  • Bikky, a Native American-looking girl. Originally to be used as a non-rival character, but was scrapped.
  • Ariel, a nun in purple robes. Possibly an early model for Jessica in pop'n music 6. Scrapped when they couldn't find a song to use her for.
  • Tomoko, an average-looking girl in a hoodie, jeans, and a hat. Scrapped for being "too normal".
  • Kevin (spelled "Kebin"), who was later put in pop'n music 5. Originally he was intended to be a girl; he was replaced by AYA.
  • The Kaiser, a lion with a purple mane. The staff liked the character but never put him in any game.
  • Dinos, a giant purple dinosaur who was said to be a relative of DiNO's. Never seen in any game.
  • Koon, a punk chicken with human arms rejected for being "too tedious".
  • Lucky, a punk mouse with no shirt.
  • Yumi, a green-haired girl in a pink dress. Was the prototype for Donna and replaced by her because the staff liked Donna more.
  • Ben, a fat, biker-looking guy with a hedgehog on a chain.
  • Donna in an alternate costume consisting of a blue, sleeveless vest, yellow shorts, long, white socks, and black shoes. Originally designed as a character to take advantage of the ko-gal craze, a fashion fad in the late 90's in Japan among teenage girls.

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