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Song Information

黎明スケッチブック's NOVICE jacket.
黎明スケッチブック's ADVANCED jacket.
黎明スケッチブック's EXHAUST jacket.
黎明スケッチブック's MAXIMUM / pop'n music jacket.
黎明スケッチブック's pop'n music banner.

Artist: アメツチ絵日記
Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics: Honjo Daikichi
Vocals: sisi
Guitars: sora
BPM: 238
Length: 1:58
pop'n music Character: navigator RASIS [SP]
Other Music Game Appearances:


None yet.

Song Connections / Remixes



  • 黎明スケッチブック is a song part of the SOUND VOLTEX IV Production Confirmation Commemorative Original Song Contest (SOUND VOLTEX IV 制作決定記念 オリジナル楽曲コンテスト). It was added to SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN on January 18th, 2017.
  • 黎明スケッチブック marks vocalist Shiori Makiguchi's first appearance in the SOUND VOLTEX series.
  • 黎明スケッチブック's title is translated as Dawn sketchbook on its jackets.
  • 黎明スケッチブック is one of the songs in Part 30 of FLOOR INFECTION. During its periods of availability, it can be unlocked in the pop'n music series by playing 2 rounds of the corresponding SOUND VOLTEX series game to raise the infection level to Level 1 MAX. For more information on the dates it can be unlocked, please see the event page.
  • In pop'n music, 黎明スケッチブック is not keysounded.
  • In pop'n music, instead of displaying its character's portrait, 黎明スケッチブック displays its MAXIMUM jacket (with the FLOOR INFECTION logo) on the songwheel.
  • 黎明スケッチブック was added to SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS コナステ's REGULAR course on August 1st, 2019.

Song Production Information

Honjo Daikichi

Nice to meet all of you SOUND VOLTEX players!
My name is Honjo Daikichi and I am 黎明スケッチブック's songwriter.
Thank you very much for choosing our song this time.

Ametsuki enikki is a collaboration unit consisting of Daikichi (composition), sisi (vocals) and sora (guitars).
By continuing activities together with this unit name we are expressing the sparkles of the world with music.

With 黎明スケッチブック we're expressing a journey straight in the sky, toward the light of the morning.
Based on an image of a mysterious and glittering sprint, made with the wish to reach an even better tomorrow even if there's a painful obstacle on the way.

Thanks to sisi's powerful and refreshing vocals and to sora's fierce but persuasive guitars, I think we did a very good job.

Whether or not, thank you for your consideration!!


I'm sora, in charge of 黎明スケッチブック's guitars.

I'm not very good at speaking in such circumstances...
In a nutshell, we made a really, really, really nice song!

sisi - the vocalist - has a clear singing voice that soars high in the sky.
Honjo - the songwriter - with his distinctive sparkling sound style and his view on pop music.
And me, performing such coloring guitars for the song.

Hope you enjoy it!


Hello to all SOUND VOLTEX players!
I am in charge of 黎明スケッチブック's vocals.
I am very pleased that 黎明スケッチブック is one of the chosen SOUND VOLTEX IV Production Confirmation Commemorative Original Song Contest songs, thank you very much!

"Reimei sketchbook" contains all my emotions that I want to show you!! I tried to say them by singing. So basically, I sang very cheerfully \(>_<)/
Cheerfulness is always in my mind, and it has a pretty notorious effect (?) in the mascot character of Ametsuchi, who came from the sky with Daikichi's magic, so I thought that he wanted to have a cool interlude to baton pass to sora's guitar solo! Right!! So!! That is it.,!

Since this is my first song in VOLTEX, I really hope you like it and I hope it makes you feel happy like it does with me.

Honjo Daikichi, in charge of the composition and arrangement, and sora, in charge of the guitars, are wonderful people and I am so deeply moved and thankful to be part of this unit.
Thank you to all people involved in the production and also to all who will be able to play the song from now and on.
From now and on, 黎明スケッチブック will be delivered to everyone☆ミ. Someday, I wish I can sing it live (*^^*)♪

Difficulty & Notecounts

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards.
SOUND VOLTEX difficulty rated from 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from SOUND VOLTEX @ wiki and pop'n music FEVER♪+.)

pop'n music

Game Standard Battle
Easy Normal Hyper EX Normal Hyper
Notecounts / Long pop-kun 187 / 25 392 / 42 800 / 56 1172 / 88 462 -
pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢→Present 8 25 39 47 23 -


Game Level
Max Chain 784 1269 1626 2072 -
Effected By ビーフジョッキー ビーフジョッキー ビーフジョッキー ビーフジョッキー -
Jacket Artists ナゲット兎川 ナゲット兎川 ナゲット兎川 ナゲット兎川 -
SOUND VOLTEX IV→Present 5 11 14 17 -
SOUND VOLTEX III コナステ 5 11 14 17 -
Part 1
with REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring-
TRIGGER★HAPPY - 香港功夫大旋風 - Max Burning!!
Part 2
with REFLEC BEAT colette -Summer-
éclair au chocolat - Onigo - PANIC HOLIC
Part 3
with pop'n music Sunny Park
レトロスペクティビリー・メリーゴーランド - draw!!!! - 超恋愛☆エクストリーム・ガール
Part 4
with jubeat saucer
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Part 5
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Part 6
with REFLEC BEAT colette -Summer-
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Part 25
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Part 29
with jubeat clan
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Part 31
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Part 32
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Apex of the World - 僕らの時間 - Beyond the BLUE
Part 34
with ノスタルジア Op.2
Part 35
Knights Assault
Part 36
with beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage
Carry Me Away
Part 37
with pop'n music peace
Sacrifice Escape: 不条理の模倣による感情と代償 - Cloud 9 - 翠雨の祷 - Lachryma《Re:Queen’M》
SOUND VOLTEX×jubeat Special Song FLOOR INFECTION Medley from SOUND VOLTEX×jubeat
Removed Songs 届け!シューティングスター☆ (Part 7) - Strobe♡Girl (Parts 10, 11, 12)
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