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=== Regular Songs ===
=== Regular Songs ===
* [[100p minimoo-G|100% minimoo-G]] / [[Sota Fujimori]]
* [[100% minimoo-G|100% minimoo-G]] / [[Sota Fujimori]]
* [[alla turca con passione]] / [[Takeo_Miratsu|Twin AmadeuS]]
* [[alla turca con passione]] / [[Takeo_Miratsu|Twin AmadeuS]]
* [[CaptivAte -jouka-|CaptivAte -浄化-]] / [[Yoshitaka Nishimura|A/I]]
* [[CaptivAte -jouka-|CaptivAte ~浄化~]] / [[Yoshitaka Nishimura|A/I]]
* [[Catch Me]] / [[Yoshitaka Nishimura|DJ Yoshitaka]] feat. ERi
* [[Catch Me]] / [[Yoshitaka Nishimura|DJ Yoshitaka]] feat. ERi
* [[Don't let it go]] / ウッチーズ ([[Tomoyuki_Uchida|Mr.T]] & [[Hiroyuki_Uchida|Hiro]])
* [[Don't let it go]] / ウッチーズ ([[Tomoyuki_Uchida|Mr.T]] & [[Hiroyuki_Uchida|Hiro]])

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beatmania IIDX
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beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY

General Information

HS logo.jpg

  • Released: July 13, 2005
  • Slogan: Just Got Splash Beats!
  • The only IIDX style to have either a full video or overlays for every new song.
  • All avex trax licenses prior to IIDX RED have been removed.
  • First beatmania IIDX arcade game since 3rd style to remove songs but not revive any.
  • AGEHA and RED ZONE have unique videos now.


HAPPY SKY marks what appears to be a new chapter in the IIDX series, with numerous changes to the difficulty ranking system and modifiers:

  • Interface has lots of light blues. The scrolling backgrounds also includes clouds and a sky motif.
  • "Light7/Light14" has been renamed to "Normal7/Normal14"; "7Keys/14Keys" has been renamed to "Hyper7/Hyper14". "Another7/Another14" has kept its name.
  • The difficulty scale, which previously ranged from Level 1 to Level 8+, has been usurped by a Level 1 to Level 12 scale. All songs on the game have been rescaled to this new difficulty meter.
  • First Style to have difficulty ratings for Another charts.
  • HARD CLEAR is now a shown status for clears. It is apparently considered a higher ranking than Full Combo.
  • Hi-Speed settings now range from 0.5 to 4.0 at .5 step intervals.
  • HIDDEN+ and SUDDEN+ are now selectable modifiers. Acting as an in-game towel mode, you can hold Start as the song begins and spin the turntable to set the amount of Hidden or Sudden you want to use. A grey bar will cover up the portion of the screen you choose. These can be combined for HID+/SUD+, but would have to be set for the same distance on both parts of the screen.
  • RANDOM+ is unlockable.
  • Extra Stage requirement has changed. To unlock the Extra Stage, you must Hard clear a 10 or higher with at least a AA. To unlock the One More Extra Stage, you must Hard clear the Extra Stage on Another difficulty with a AA or higher.
  • Full combo has a rising blue splash.
  • Total number of songs: 369


  • The background music for the Select Music screen can be chosen via IIDX Wave. Choices include music from dj TAKA, Tomosuke, and DJ Yoshitaka, as well as Select Music background music from 7th style onwards.

Staff Information

Direction: KAGE
Sound: TAKA
Sound: Tatsh
Sound: DJ Yoshitaka
Program: Jony. C
Program: WASYA
Program: TOCHI
Illustration & anime: GOLI
Graphic & movie: HES
Graphic & movie: MAYA
Movie: F-FLY
Movie: VJ GYO

Song List

beatmania IIDX AC HAPPY SKY full song list

New Songs

Regular Songs

Removed Songs

Beat Unlocks



Extra Stage

One More Extra Stage

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