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Generic videos, as the name implies, refer to videos that are not unique to a song. Although beatmania IIDX has over 400 unique videos, as well as many others with unique overlays, many songs have neither unique videos or overlays. This page will list those songs. It will also list in a separate section songs that had videos or overlays but had them removed in a CS game.

This list is currently up to date (aside from overlays). If you see any omissions/errors, feel free to notify the wiki staff.

1st style - 15/32 generic

substream - 3/10 generic

2nd style - 3/28 generic

3rd style - 2/32 generic

4th style - 19/44 generic

5th style - 9/35 generic

6th style - 5/40 generic

7th style - 9/43 generic

8th style - 20/50 generic

9th style - 25/60 generic

10th style - 30/54 generic

IIDX RED - 12/52 generic

DistorteD - 2/56 generic

GOLD - 7/55 generic

DJ TROOPERS - 14/59 generic

EMPRESS - 9/54 generic

SIRIUS - 19/66 generic

Resort Anthem - 24/66 generic

Lincle - 27/74 generic

tricoro - 34/95 generic

SPADA 48/89 generic

PENDUAL 21/95 generic

copula 28/91 generic

SINOBUZ 24/96 generic

CANNON BALLERS 30/90 generic

Rootage 29/105 generic

HEROIC VERSE 40/106 generic

BISTROVER 21/46 generic

CS Songs

Removed Overlays

Removed Videos


  • beatmania IIDX 8th style is the only arcade style without new overlays for any of its songs. Thus, any song not having a video is filed under having a generic video.
  • beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY is the only arcade IIDX game with videos or overlays for every new song.
  • Of all the BEMANI crossovers, DanceManiax has the most videos/overlays specially made for IIDX, with 75% of its songs (Kiss me all night long, VIRTUAL MIND, and Quickening) having unique artwork/videos done for them. The only one that doesn't is Broken My Heart.
  • Conversely, among arcade titles, beatmania III has the lowest original videos with zero, with none of the five songs from the franchise having their own videos. beatmania is second with a mere 5.88%, or one of 17 songs. Only NORTH has its own set of overlays.
  • beatmania IIDX 10th style holds the record among styles for most generic videos and the highest % of generic videos versus songs, with 30 out of 54 songs, or 55.56%, having generic videos. This may be mostly due to GOLI being injured and unable to work on most of the game. beatamania IIDX comes in second with 15 out of 32, or 46.875%.
  • THE EARTH LIGHT and VANESSA are the only songs in beatmania IIDX to lose their videos in the arcade version but eventually have them restored in a later style.
  • S.O.S. (THE TIGER TOOK MY FAMILY) is the only beatmania IIDX song to have an overlay added later in the arcade only.
  • Every console-exclusive beatmania IIDX song (even BEMANI crossovers) had its own video until beatmania IIDX 11 IIDX RED CS.
  • 3rd style, 4th style, 5th style, and DistorteD are the only arcade beatmania IIDX styles to have generic videos limited to the CS releases of those games, with them never recycled in later CS games.
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